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You can see in our Noise section that we are concerned about the effect on Wendover residents. Please respond to the questions we pose below. This will help us to represent your views in our discussions with HS2 and their contractors

Questions marked with a * will require an answer.

1. Under HS2’s current plans, 590 houses will hear the trains. This noise could be reduced by means of improved barriers, though these will have a visual impact. Would you like HS2 to improve the barriers?* Yes
2. In North Wendover 409 houses are expected to suffer noise at night which will be louder than the WHO recommendations. This could be reduced with a retained walled cutting (with near-vertical sides). Would you like HS2 to provide a walled cutting?* Yes
3. At St Mary's Church and the Chiltern Way Academy school HS2 are providing noise insulation which will help internal noise. However outside events such funerals and children's play activities will still be exposed. Also 181 houses are expected to suffer noise intrusion at night. Do you think we should demand bigger noise barriers on the track?* Yes
4. If we get bigger barriers, do you think they should be higher versions of the current standard design or a more effective arched style?* Higher versions
Arched style
5. If we get bigger barriers, they will be visible from the A413 and Coombe Hill. Do you think they should be camouflaged to make them blend in with the local surroundings, or made an architectural design feature?* Camouflaged
Design feature
6. If we do not achieve better barriers as part of the initial construction, would you be willing to contribute to a campaign to reduce the noise by decreasing the speed of the trains?* Yes

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